Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Samoa tattoo

I chose this samoa tatu because it is beautiful. And it was hard to do it so I got help from the class. The traditional female tattoo in Samoa is the Malu. In Samoan society, the Pe'a and the Malu are viewed with cultural pride and identity as well as a hallmark of manhood and womanhood. 'Tatau is an ancient Polynesian art form which is associated with the rites of passage for men. these Samoa tattoo hurt. Not only did these tattoos take a long time to complete, but they were also extremely painful. Depending on the part of the body, the process could be excruciating. It took a lot of courage and endurance and required recuperation between sessions.

sake birthday.

Today it was my cousin birthday and all of the classmate was there.
We sing Happy Birthday and we eat some cake yummy,
when we finish eating we play a game.
Here the picture.

Adam and Eve

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Easter is a time when Jesus loves us and that why God sent him to us rescue us and rescues the Jews too. It was so sad that Jesus was going to die. When Jesus was sad Jesus spoke to God and God could hear him. When he was praying, Judas found him and arrested him. Peter was one of Jesus’ true friends. Peter got so mad he cut off a servant's ear e in him the people were so so mad they started yelling kill him and the so Pontiffs Pilate let soldiers take Jesus and the soldiers made fun of him and hug him on the cross but when 
 Jesus said his last words he dies. the sun was not shining for 3 more howler whole hours. 
The soldiers kept making fun of Jesus. They said if you were the son 
of god then some of the angels came down but Jesus could call them
 but he what to do that but Jesus what he didn’t and he said his last words and then Jesus died. When Jesus died there was thunder lighting. Mary put him down and put in the tube and 3 days after Jesus was rise. And then the people went to the tube and they saw it was open and they went inside and there were angels and the angels said that Jesus is alive. The people went to the people on the side they tell them the good news. with his sword but Jesus didn't what his friends to do that. So he healed his ear and took him to the most powerful men in the city, Pontiffs Pilate wanted to let Jesus go but many of people wanted Jesus to die they didn't believe that he was the son of the god or any kind of king Even after all the miracles Jesus did he. like healing the sick people and 

blind people to see they didn't believe

covid 19

    covid 19 

Covid 19 is the sickest and it can go on your food. It  is highly unlikely that people can contract COVID-19 from food or food packaging. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and the primary transmission route is through person-to- person contact and through direct contact with respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. and That is why covid 19 is very dangerous. so if you have a mask please try and be saffy ok. And this is why you get infectionPeople with COVID-19 generally develop signs and symptoms, including mild respiratory symptoms and fever, on an average of 5-6 days after infection (mean incubation period 5-6 days, range 1-14 days). Most people infected with COVID-19 virus have mild disease and recover


 The Pentecost is the day of the church birthday. You know why it is because that when they build the church and the important thing is The festival of Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks. In the Christian tradition, this event represents the birth of the early church. What is Pentecost means in the bible,it means that Pentecost. In the New Testament, the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Jesus. Pentecost is the Greek name for Shavuot, the spring harvest festival of the Israelite's, which was going on when the Holy Spirit came.

My class have finished there video and  comic  ship but I did nothing because i was at home,But my class did a lot of good work.

Monday, April 20, 2020


  1. Can you find two more objects/things  around your house and
  2. add adjectives to describe them. Water, Bed and Tv
  3. Create a list of strong adjectives to describe:
  4. the water is important to shower yourself and to drink too,
  5. and to make food. Why do we need to go to bed because you
  6. have to sleep more so you can have some energy and to go
  7. somewhere. We have watch Tv to learn some stuff and spell stuff
  8. and to learn about having fun or learning your Football.